XXII Commonwealth Games Sports Events 2022 

The 2022 Commonwealth games is all set to be held in 2022 and fans craze has reached to the next level. There are millions of fans from all over the globe who are eagerly waiting for the current Commonwealth games to be held.

If you are looking for the start dates for the Commonwealth games, it is set to 28th July 2022. Plus, the ending date is set to 8th August 2022 where you can enjoy some of the best games online.

Additionally, England is chosen as the host nation where Birmingham city is the one where the matches and events will take place.

Also, for the people who are wondering about venue, Alexander stadium is the chosen one for the matches.

Right now, to get more information regarding the current 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games, let’s go ahead and unveil each detail, one by one.

Commonwealth Games Sports events 2022

As you know, the events will take place at the Alexander stadium that has got the capacity to accommodate tons of fans.

Also, there are few events that will be held in Royal Leamington Spa, Coventry, London and Sandwell.

Well, there are ample of venues where the current Commonwealth games will be a treat to watch.

On top of that, there is a new aquatic center which is scheduled for hosting diving and swimming events. With that, the fans have got some of the best things to be excited about.

The aquatic center has been designed by the British firm Wales and they have designed the center to an absolute level of perfection.

We have a total of 20 sports events in 2022 Commonwealth Games. Lets check out those below.

  • Aquatics
    •  Diving
    •  Swimming
  •  Athletics
  •  Badminton
  •  3×3 basketball
  •  Beach volleyball
  •  Boxing
  •  Cricket
  •  Cycling
    • Mountain biking
    • Road
    • Track
  •  Gymnastics
    • Artistic
    • Rhythmic
  •  Judo
  •  Field hockey
  •  Lawn bowls
  •  Netball
  •  Powerlifting
  •  Rugby sevens
  •  Squash
  •  Table tennis
  •  Triathlon
  •  Weightlifting
  •  Wrestling

A Glance at the Events of Commonwealth Games 2022

Starting up with the new additions to the Commonwealth Games 2022, there are ample of games that are added.

Browsing the past games, there have been badminton, boxing, hockey, lawn bowls, netballs, rugby sevens, squash, weightlifting, swimming, and many more.

Apart from the above sports, there are five new sports that will be added to the category. These sports include road cycling, triathlon, Judo, table tennis, and wrestling.

Also, there will be some more events for the elite athletes along with people with disabilities. These events are all-set to be integrated into the final number of the shows.

These will come in four core sports such as athletics, swimming, powerlifting, and lawn bowls.

Other than that, there are few more sports that are all-set to be a part of the current Commonwealth games 2022.

For people with disabilities, the events include wheelchair basketball, para track cycling, para table tennis, para-triathlon and many of such events.

Also, there are a few events that will be a part of the Commonwealth games for the very first time. These include 3×3 basketball along with a wheelchair counterpart.

It’s even expected that the current edition of the games will have more of them to the women athletes.

Indeed, such type of things are empowering women and they will be inclined to take part in sports activities.

Going back in the year 2020 October, the final list of events to be played in Birmingham was revealed.

In total, there will be 283 finals which will be played across 22 Sports. Out of which, the number of events for women is 136 that is higher compared to men’s 134 events.

Plus, this will be the first time in the history of Commonwealth games when multiple sporting events will be taking place.

There will be massive 13 mixed events that will be contested and the best duo will certainly win such events.

Wrapping Up

Altogether, the current XXII Commonwealth games is looking quite amazing. There are ample of the latest games coming up where the excitement of fans will definitely go up.

Also, for the athletes who are with disabilities newer sports are added for them too. With such things in place, even athletes with disabilities can enjoy the current Commonwealth games.

More to it, for other Men and Women athletes, there are ample sporting events that are added.

With that, the fans have got lots of things to cheer about. Keeping that into consideration, you can either visit the stadium or use online streaming options to watch Commonwealth games, the better way. 

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