Commonwealth Games 2022 Medals Details

The commonwealth games 2022 medals details have now been announced by the officials. After a narrowboat ride along the city’s waters, the medals that will be presented at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham were officially unveiled.

They were welcomed by seven-time Paralympic gold medallist Hannah Cockroft who greeted them canal-side. Cockroft will be competing at the Commonwealth Games for the first time. On Wednesday, the organising committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games revealed photos of the medals that will be presented to podium finishers at the event.

The medals were designed by an all-female team led by Amber Alys. They won a competition held by Birmingham 2022 and the School of Jewellery. The entire design process took fifteen months. The medals measure 63 millimetres wide by 74.3mm long. Check out the images of the medals to be presented at the Commonwealth Games 2022 below.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Date 28th July to 8th August 2022
Commonwealth Games 2022 Venue Birmingham, United Kingdom
Total Number of Athletes Participating  5,054
Commonwealth Games 2022 Total Medals 1875
Nations Participating 72

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The design of the bronze, silver, and gold medals is meant to represent the West Midlands’ famous road and canal network. Three students from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery created the Commonwealth games medals design. The history of the region is marked by roads and canals. They also mark the industrial Revolution, when goods were manufactured in large factories and shipped across the country. A box will be provided to medal winners. It features an aerial map design, which provides a direct connection to the design and design of the medal.

The competition was open to students from the school of jewel. In the end, dozens of them entered to design the medals. The final three teams were formed by the winning team. To make it more accessible to athletes with visual impairments, the medals have tactile elements that can feel when touched.

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