team15Alyzeh Ahmed, Pakistan

For the past two and a half years, Alyzeh Ahmed, has been working with a company called SuperKids. Here, through sport, character building, teamwork, sportsmanship, confidence and competition is encouraged among children ages 3 to 16 years. Along with this, Alyzeh has volunteered at Rotary International, working on a project focused to send children suffering from heart diseases for treatment to India. These children come from low socio-economic backgrounds and cannot afford treatment. She has committed time to SIUT to help raise funds for welfare services. With a world deeply interlinked with business methodologies, it is essential to have professional experience in the corporate world. Alyzeh, has done two internships in the Human Resource Department at Standard Chartered Bank and Mobilink GSM. Currently, Alyzeh’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from SZABIST University, Karachi, majoring in Psychology. Her interpersonal skills are reflected through her vast network that includes people from all walks of life, all ages and nationalities. In whatever way possible, she wants to reach out and make a difference to her community and environment. In return she feels she will get the reward of personal achievement and purpose, giving back to humanity with empathy and foresight. As Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see.” This is Alyzeh’s impetus.


team16Dinesh Gajendran, India

Dinesh Gajendran had graduated with Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Advertising & Public Relations (MA), Bachelors in Science (BSC), Diploma in Sports Management (DSM), Graduated in Embracing Commonwealth Values (ECV), Masters in Political Science (pursuing).

He plays diversified role as youth activist, social entrepreneur, social worker, marketer, policy maker, administrator, educationalist, filmmaker, sportsman, initiator etc. He experienced excellence in management and social sector where he worked in various advertising and communication agencies as well as experience with the International social brands to name the few “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association where he works with Asia Pacific Region in training, communication & research. His policymaking and youth development efforts led to:

•           His participation in United Nations High Level Meeting on Youth, New York, USA;
•           Beyond Sports Summit and Awards, Chicago, USA;
•           Youth Representative for Youth Leadership Consultation of United Nations Economic Social and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP);
•           Forming a Network of Emerging Leaders in Asia and the Pacific (NELAP), Bangkok;
•           Serving as Youth Goodwill Ambassador for Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization (SUNFO);

The list is unbounded. A keen policymaker works closely in many national initiatives with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of youth development, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of youth affairs and sports, Gov. of India.

Dinesh’s interest on global and sustainable development issues printed his presence in South Asian Youth Conference, Global Citizens Youth Assembly, South Asian Peace youth Camp, SAARC youth Camp, Youth for Human Rights initiatives etc.

He founded social organization named “Audacious Dreams Foundation” works for rural, youth and social development through sports, arts, education, women empowerment, adolescent health, environment etc. He also founded “Institute of Youth Affairs and Social Development” a research institute for youth development.  His interest in policymaking made his career debut in politics in 2011 where he contested and won as elected councilor/ward member to his Village Panchayat. He received many national and international awards for his community service and youth development activities.


team17Husen Riyaal, Maldives

From my middle school, I have joined the regional scout group, and worked as a scout leader, which taught me to be always prepared and do good deeds without expecting something in return. In the early secondary school, I started to voluntarily work with projects of NGO’s and CBO’s as a grassroots’ volunteer during the summer and during free time. From these various projects, I have developed the skill of grasping the new ideas, invent, and apply reasonable and effective solutions for the issues that I face with it. I also learnt how to be with people from various background and cultures.

From my high school days, I started to develop and run my own programs and projects in association with NGO’s and my representing school (shaviyani atoll Education Center). During these days, I worked voluntarily as a project coordinator with a local NGO name SEEDAM (social, economic and educational development organization of Maldives) in its various projects including technical and vocational training programs, and environmental protection programs. I have worked in organizing successful events and programs, in the school to mark special occasions and days. After high school, I have attended various training programs and conferences. My area of skills includes event management, researching, critical thinking, public speaking and policymaking. I am the Deputy Regional Youth Caucus from Maldives at the commonwealth youth program. I Represented Maldives at the Commonwealth Diamond jubilee, and at the Commonwealth Youth leaders conference held with the 18th CCEM in Mauritius. At the Youth leaders meeting, we launched the commonwealth Student association (CSA), finalized the draft of the constitution, and formed a steering committee for the CSA. Currently I am working on establishing the commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) and I represent the Asia Region in the CYC working group.


team18Loona Moosa, Maldives

It has been just two or so years since I have been actively engaged in youth work. I was just a normal teen like any other, thinking that life was just about a bunch of educational certificates, getting married and having kids. May be it was my ignorance or just that I was unaware that I had all kinds of opportunities just waiting out there for me.  I have always been a passionate individual who dreams big, who always believed in leaving a mark and bringing about a change in this world. To this end, I have taken up all the responsibilities and tough challenges that came my way; always been a leader who took initiative whenever an opportunity presented itself.

It all began after I attended the Youth Leadership program in 2011. I was inspired and motivated to become a future leader and serve my nation; to rescue it from the worsening conditions of today so that we can have a better tomorrow for our children and those to come. It opened my eyes and paved way for many other opportunities; as such was a study tour to London in 2012. Ten participants of this program were given this opportunity have a London experience of youth, governance and democracy. During this trip I got enlightened about the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP), which was my next step through this journey. After coming back from the tour, I went for an interview for the selection of Maldives Commonwealth Youth Caucus and was fortunate enough to get selected. The National Youth Council of Maldives had the responsibility of selecting me and they saw a passion and drive in me that convinced them that I was capable of full filling this responsibility.

Ever since then I have been doing all the work possible to make sure that voice of the Maldivian youth reaches the Commonwealth and the ministers of our country as well. I have been working to advocate youth participation and make youth more involved in matters that concern them as they are the leaders of tomorrow. One of my biggest and recent achievements so far would be being appointed to the National Youth Council in Maldives by my Minister after the 8th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (CYMM). I am the youngest in the council; I get the chance to raise my voice at the table and this enables me to reach out to the youth all over Maldives and carry out my duties to the maximum. After I attended the Commonwealth Education Ministers’ conference (CCEM) in 2012, I have been working to connect student associations across the country and so far the work has not progressed too well due to the lack of communication and difficulties with mobilization. However, I am delighted to start working with the CSA on a regional level and strengthen the bonds between the student associations of the Asian countries and take this region to a level where we deserve to be at.

My work as a youth leader will continue for as long as possible; this is just the beginning for me and I intend to do a lot more.

You can get inspiration from anywhere and anytime but opportunities are presented only to those who seek it. I have always believed in being the change you wish to see in the world and that is what keeps me going.


team19Nilesh Yelgunde, India

Nilesh is an enthusiastic youth activist engaged in working with rural communities and youth for the last seven years. His area of focus had been the organisation of rural folks and encouraging them for taking up the issues that concern them on local level.

He was an active volunteer of National Service Scheme, a student youth network run by the Government of India, from 2003 to 2008 during his college days. Currently, he is associated with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangthan, a national level youth network under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt of India. NYKS operates through village youth clubs throughout India with more than 5 million young activists working across the country.

Creating durable community assets while working with rural young women and men with keeping sharp focus on sustainable development has been the work strategy of Nilesh. After finishing a course in Water Engineering, he has worked in constructing more than 300 water reservoirs in rain fed areas in Maharashtra. When with NSS he took part in creating Continuous Countour Trenches which help arresting the rain water from draining and helps recharge the ground water level resulting in the creation of green belts in dry areas.

Having an active role for the youth in policy making processes of the nation, higher education with the right kind of employability, access to adequate healthcare facilities are some of the basic issues that concern the youth of India as Nilesh perceives it.


Saquib Niaz, Pakistan Saquib

Saquib, aka ‘Squiby’, did his BBA from Khairpur University and is currently enrolled at IoBM for MBA with specialization in Media Management. He started his professional career with Torque, where he launched Pakistan’s first LearnFest.

He has worked for Rotaract Club, Khairpur and Young Student’s Welfare Association Khairpur. He attended Conferences on ‘Peace’ in Nepal & ‘Entrepreneurship & Peace-Building’ in Bangkok by the Asian Resource Foundation. Being at Young Leaders’ Conference 2006 was an exhilarating experience and from there he started his journey of making a difference in people’s life.

He specializes in managing events and therefore calls himself as ‘Event Management Guy’. However, he also carries a passion for training and considers it as worship. At Torque – School of Leadership, he looked after public events and in house business.

He’s currently director at Khairpur Youth Organization.