Oluwaseyi Sodola, NigeriaKempton Park-20131015-00253

Oluwaseyi Sodola is a Project Management Students of Federal University of Technology, Akure, a young Nigerian who is passionate about health, information, management and human development. He has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. As the project director of HACEY’s Health Initiative in Akure Ondo state, where he supervises the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities of the organisation’s project in the areas of HIV/AIDS, and environmental protection/climate change. Through his work he helps children, women and young people live a healthy and sustainable life using Capacity building, Advocacy, Research and Education (C.A.R.E). Oluwaseyi is a trained researcher, counselor, Peeer Education Trainer.


Thomas Bugeja, Maltateam10

Thomas Bugeja is a 22-year-old Maltese student, currently reading an LLD degree in Law in the University of Malta. After acquiring experience in the school and sixth form student council’s as President and Secretary General, Thomas joined the Maltese Christian Democrat Students (SDM) as Publications’ Officer, becoming editor of SDM’s newspaper and magazine. Thomas eventually contested the KSU (National University Students’ Council) election on behalf of the same SDM in 2011, being elected as PRO of KSU for the term 2011-12, then going on to being elected as Secretary General for the term 2012-13, which lead him to become an integral part of the day-to-day running and administration of the council. More recently, Thomas has contested his final KSU election on the SDM ticket,  running for the post of President and being elected for the term 13-14 during which he will serve in the role, heading KSU for another one-year  term. Thomas’ interests include student activism, current affairs and national and international politics


team11Yanica Sant, Malta

Yanica Sant is a 20-year-old student at the University of Malta, currently reading for a Bachelor of Laws degree. Having always felt the need to represent students, Yanica pushed for the presence of a student council at her secondary school, and was eventually elected as the first president of the said council. At University, Yanica was the first EU Careers Ambassador for the University of Malta and formed part of the Malta University Sports Club for 2 years. She recently got elected to the National University Students’ Council (KSU) as International Officer on behalf of the Maltese Christian Democrat Students (SDM). Her interests include local and foreign politics and is also an animal rights advocate.


team12Thelma Chishiba Zimba, Zambia

Thelma Chishiba Zimba is currently a third year student at the University of Zambia studying a double major in Library and Information Science and Public Administration. She served as Publicity and Information Secretary for the University of Zambia’s Students Union in the 2012-2013 academic year. Prior to that she worked with Swedish-Zambia an NGO that deals with Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and Gender issues. She is best known for successfully lobbying management and government of the republic of Zambia to re-open her university which was closed because lecturers were on strike siting harmonization of salaries across all public universities which has since commenced. She is a trained negotiator and she worked for Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) an American NGO that researches methods to effectively alleviate poverty in different circles . Currently she facilitates a girls after school program were she teaches grade eight girls negotiation.


team14Awaah Fred, Ghana

Frederick Aka-phari Awaah, he is known in elite cycles as Awaah Fred. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Public Administration from the prestigious University of Ghana Business School. His previous studies include a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Professional Studies and a Higher National Diploma in Secretarial and Management Studies from Tamale Polytechnic.

He is synonymous to effective students governance in Africa and many parts of the world.  He is currently the Secretary General of the All Africa Students Union; the mother union of all national student unions in Africa, representing the broad mass of students in 55 countries on the continent, and headquartered in Accra, Ghana since 1972. He has represented students both at the continental and global levels- the 7th UN Youth Assembly in New York, UNESCO Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Senegal, the  50th Anniversary of the Africa Union in Ethiopia, H. E Olusegun Obasanjo’s Conference on Cultural and Human Security in Nigeria etc. It may not be an exaggeration to describe him as a good lobbyist. Awaah believes that, if it must be done, it must be done well.